In SKYINTERIORS we offer our customers creative solutions for the design of the interior of your aircraft.

We have more than 500 color options of leather in different textures and finishes as the main Specialist suppliers of the world; in addition to other materials such as vinyl, sheepskin, fabrics and carpets.

  • Experience: we have specialized personnel with more than 15 years in the management of leather for these segments.
  • Equipment: we have with machinery and specialized equipment in sewing, embroidery, laser, pneumatic and electronic system for mounted and uninstalling.
  • Specialized transportation equipment for removing and restoration onboard.
  • 1 . Custom Design seats. Unique leather designs.
    2 . Seats crew of leather and sheepskin.
    3 . Carpet on the floor. The carpet exists, it can be removed and replaced, and all the contour can be bordered the same color as the carpet.
    4 . Panels and windows. These parts can be removed and upholster with leather or vinyl.
    5 . Custom embroidered or stamped.
    6 . Platinized of light lamps and the top upholstered with suede or vinyl.
    7 . The belts are replaced to harmonize with the color of the leather.
    8 . Platinized accessories.